StartIerse rasterdiepdruk / Irish photogravure

Postzegel aanmaak in Ierland - Stamp production in Eire


Rein C. Bakhuizen van den Brink

Articles to be published in The Revealer

Having studied the 1966 3d-5d once some 40 years ago, I came back to Irish stamps last August. I followed discussions for a while in Stampboards

A guide to Irish/Eire Definitive postage stamps 1922-1995

Ireland 6th Defins Series; "Wild Flowers of Ireland" 2004-10

Australian perforations in Irish stamps

Ireland 1990 Celtic Artefacts definitives papers

and even started my own thread:

Blind spots in Irish philately - watermarks

Then I found the online issue of The Revealer and found a couple of contributors that are still keen collectors of modern Ireland stamps.

With some I am in contact and I am grateful to them for keeping me to this interesting field of stamp production:

  • Brian Warren
  • Barry Cousins
  • Toralf Pedersen

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StartIerse rasterdiepdruk / Irish photogravure