StartSchepen van Singapore 1955 Ships of SingaporeUK- 4 types of paper in the 1937-51 period - photogravure

Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika

Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika

Definitive stamps issued on 01.10.1960, designed by Michael Goaman, printed in photgravure by Thomas DeLaRue. The stamps were printed in sheets of 10x10. They were taken out of circulation on 08.12.61 [in Tanganyika], 08.10.62 [in Uganda], 11.12.63 [ in Kenya]. Papier with watermark block CA.

5cĂw ä
 Sisal           pruissisch blauwHill [pzb zelfklevend] [IVb |
                a.      01.10.60ch blauw1A, 2A, 2BzelfklR100
                c.      19.09.61ch blauw3A
                f.      27.03.62ch blauw4B
                l.      18 .11.63h blauw3B, 4A

10c     Cotton  l.      yellow-greenlauw3B, 4A          IVb |
                a.      01.10.60reenlauw1A, 1B  R100 [22mm high]
                vert. coil.10.60??.05.61??, 1B  R100 [22R80 [21 3/4mm high]
                c.rt. co19.09.61??.05.611A, 1B
                g.rt. co08.05.62??.05.611A, 1B

15c     Coffee  dark purple05.62??.05.611A, 1B  IVb, IVd |
                a.rk pur01.10.60??.05.611A, 1B  R100
                c.rk pur19.09.61??.05.611
                f.rk pur27.03.62??.05.611
                i.rk pur14.05.63??.05.612

20c     Gnu     i.rk purmagenta3??.05.612               IVb, IVd |
                a.rk pur01.10.60??.05.611A,,1B  R100
                c.rk pur19.09.61??.05.611A, 1B
                f.rk pur27.03.62??.05.611A, 1B

25c     Ostrich bronze-green
                a.onze-g01.10.60        1A, 1B  R100
                b.onze-g20.06.61        1A, 1B

30c     Thomson´s gazelle0.06.61vermillion, 1B                          IVd |
                a.gazell01.10.60vermilli1n, 1B  R100
                c.gazell19.09.61vermilli2n, 1B  R80
                g.gazell08.05.62vermilli2n, 1B  R80
                i.gazell14.05.63vermilli2n, 1B  R80

40c     Manta rog.gazell14.05.63green-blue, 1B  R80             IVb, IVd |
                a.gazell01.10.60green-bl1A, 1B  R100

50c.    Zebra   slate-purple8.63green-bl2A              IVb |
                a.ate-pu01.10.60green-bl1A, 1B, 2A      R100
                c.ate-pu19.09.61green-bl1A, 1B, 2A
                vert. coil.07.62??.??.??2B               [21 (!(!half) mm high]

65c     Cheetah yellow-olive
                a.llow-o01.10.60        1A, 1B  R100
                f.llow-o27.03.62        1A, 1B
                l.llow-o18.11.63        1A, 1B

Stamp booklets: 5s with 4x10c, 4x15c, 4x20c, 4x30c, and 4x50c. Cover salmon-coloured, sown both left and right.

Surcharged "Official"

5c      a.      18.10.6018.11.632A
        c.      23.11.6118.11.634B

10c     a.      18.10.6018.11.631B

15c     a.      18.10.6018.11.631
        c.      23.11.6118.11.631

20c     a.      18.10.6018.11.631A, 1B

30c     a.      18.10.6018.11.631A, 1B  R100

50c     a.      18.10.6018.11.631B

all officialstamps were withdrawn on 08.12.61.

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StartSchepen van Singapore 1955 Ships of SingaporeUK- 4 types of paper in the 1937-51 period - photogravure